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APH–ESAT Le Pommeret

Broceliande Gardens are an ESAT, (formerly known as a CAT) whose objective is to allow each disabled person to discover and realise their own potential.
The ESAT is run by the Pommeret Association for the Promotion of the Disabled (APH Le Pommeret) whose goal is to place disabled people in a normal work situation.


Disability is characterised by an alteration of physical or mental functions or by a disabling health problem. This can be amplified by the environment: for example, a person in a wheelchair is further disabled when meeting steps to a public service building. On the other hand, disability can be the source of common good: your television's remote control, which has become an essential part of every-day life, was invented to assist people with disabilities.

To have a disability does not prevent a person having capacities and potential, desires and dreams. Ability, defined by knowledge - knowledge of how to live, how to behave and how to develop - is more or less developed according to the environment created by family, work situation and society.


4 different professional sectors have been created at the ESAT allowing each person to develop their skills and offering different possibilities of integration into normal work environments:

  • Maintenance and creation in green areas
  • Le Pommeret public restaurant
  • Business restaurant
  • Tourism site
  • Le Ti Miam, a café/restaurant in Rennes

At Broceliande Gardens, as at all the other sites belonging to the association, we endeavour to train clients through direct work-experience within two main vocational areas: multi-purpose restaurant operative and landscaping worker. The competences acquired at these premises are recognised by the award of the title "Différent et compétent" and/or by a diploma through accreditation of experience.


Broceliande Gardens was created in 1993. As with all the other training and production sites of the association, the trade is learnt in a real work situation and in direct contact with the final customers. This is to enhance future access to regular employment in a company or local authority.


Broceliande Gardens is the visible part of the ESAT in the same way that the restaurants or garden creation and upkeep teams are. There are also (sheltered flats and support workers present in 3 communes. All of this is managed by the Pommeret Association for the Promotion of the Disabled (APH Le Pommeret) which, thanks to its' multi-disciplined team, supports more than one hundred people with disabilities at the different sites (ESAT: 87, accommodation: 10, support service: 24).

The APH Le Pommeret's values are that of development and placement of people, notably through work. The association campaigns for and implements a certain number of actions based on the concepts of:

  • Socially equitable economy (associative management, profits re-invested in the association, durability, work conditions, its personnel and users, contribution to the struggle against exclusion...)
  • Sustainable development through the implementation of durable economic and socially-useful actions, personal development and social management, and environmentally friendly actions.


Our identity derives from this humanist vision and from the wealth that disability can generate. Thus the current development concept of the Gardens is: " what if we, the able, were disabled in our 5 senses". This leads to development of:

  • Visual and olfactory floral collections, landscaping and artistic exhibitions...
  • Kinaesthetic, tactile and auditory sensory pathways (wake up your feet, awaken your senses...) and the unique games areas...
From this perspective, sustainable development actions lead us to favour:
  • Conservation and promotion of biodiversity (national French Iris conservancy, botanical collections, apiary, livestock...),
  • Awareness-raising actions for environmental preservation (alternatives to artificial fertilizers and pesticide products, school activities, water saving measures, differential grass cutting, waste sorting...)

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