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"Brittany cultivates its gardens"

Botanical, aesthetic, historic, landscaped or vegetable patch; the garden in all its forms is one of the little known riches in Brittany.

English daydreams or French elegance; Italian tunes or Oriental meditation; labyrinths of verdure or pruned arbours; perfumed waltzes or symphonies of colour; sculpted Yews, orderly Box Trees or sweet-scented rose gardens : a bouquet of emotions ripe for picking.

Throughout the seasons, the Gardens offer novices and experts alike, a palette of lively, scented and colourful walks. Extract from the APJB (Parks and Gardens Association of Brittany)

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Visit a Garden in Brittany during "Rendezvous aux Jardins" weekend

The 12th edition of "Rendezvous aux Jardins" takes place the 31st of May and 1st of June 2014 with the theme "Child in the garden", a not-to-be-missed event to discover exciting and passionate gardens

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A perfect place to raise awareness of nature for all ages and to awaken your senses...

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