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During your visit to the Gardens there are two ways that you can be active in protecting the environment:

  1. Take part in our activity programme
  2. Discover techniques that you can use in your own garden

Participate in an ecologically friendly business:

  • by contributing to the employment of disabled workers
  • by finding out about varied and preserved botanical varieties
  • by purchasing the products sold in our shop, from the ESAT, locally produced and organic
  • by recycling rubbish : waste bins are available throughout the park; we work with the Smictom in order to reduce our waste
  • by taking note of the products available at the "rucher-école" run by the Syndicat des Apiculteurs d’Ille-et-Vilaine.
  • by using les toilettes sèches à tout moment...

Ecologically responsible gardening techniques

  • Mulching : Mulching slows the growth of weeds, limits the amount of watering necessary, makes chemical spraying unnecessary, improves soil structure and favours insect life.
    Shred dead leaves and branches
    Use horse manure
    Apply different mulches : buckwheat haulms, pine needles, wood chips & shavings, conifer bark, dried lawn cuttings, straw ...
  • Recycle rainwater: A bore hole has allowed us to use groundwater for watering.
  • No pesticides: Our pathways are all weeded mechanically. The orchards are all certified "agriculture raisonnée" and will shortly be organically certified
  • Staged grass cutting: Our meadows are all cut just once a year, the hay harvested being used for our animals. Other grass cuttings are used for mulch
  • The Gardens support and adhere to « Jardinez au naturel, ça coule de source ».

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