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Day trips to discover, learn and have fun...

Broceliande Gardens offers all day experiences for children; workshops, sensory walkways, games, finding out about animals ...

Workshops :

15 workshops, each one a mix of learning and fun... workshops oriented towards plant, animal and environmental themes. These activities explore the wealth of the gardens and the legends of Broceliande.

  For details consult the workshop list
  French emission "Les P'tits Lez'Art"

Sensory Trails :

"Wake up your feet" : a barefoot trail to develop awareness through the soles of your feet ... A perfect game for a younger audience, not so easy for adults ...! « File là-haut » : since 2013, at the end of this barefoot trail, you can continue your walk 4 to 6 meters up in the treetops: see nature from the air. From 6 years old.

"Awaken your senses" : a trail to follow blindfolded, for unique sensations. Open from 5 years onwards.

"Listen & See" : universes of sound where you will hear the enchanted forest and where you can observe the pond's food chain : an educational and amusing experience! From 3 years old

The animals

Meet cows, hens, a pig, goats, sheep, rabbits; the whole range of farm animals are present

To relax

Games areas with original games are accessible for children of 2 and over
Enter into the world of the Goblins : a path is open uniquely for gnomes, hobgoblins, elves, goblins and children, where games and goblins' tricks are mixed...

Nomadic Gardens:

A competition open to schools : make a themed mini-garden in a wheelbarrow.
The theme for 2014 is "Brittany in Flower"
Lucky winners will enjoy a day of workshops at Broceliande Gardens

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Visitors and their parents will be able to discover the mini gardens during the "Nomadic Gardens" exhibition from the 15th of June to the 14th of July 2014!!!

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Extras :

Have a tour of the Gardens in our train (half an hour), a pleasant excursion after your picnic

In case of rain, workshops can be enjoyed under cover!

To ensure that your day is organised perfectly, the Broceliande Gardens team will be only too pleased to prepare a tailor-made programme of workshops.
For information phone 02 99 60 08 04 or send us a mail at