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Families - Youngsters - Groups of friends - Romantics - Passionate about plants?

For groups of friends: A wide range of activities await you...

In groups of friends, at family reunions, or for plant enthusiasts, everyone will find interest and pleasure in the gardens

Some of you in our thematic gardens:

Landscaped scenes of different colours every season, living spectacles in the French-style modern theatre, or in the royal jewelled-garden. The verdure of the English-style garden or the legends of Broceliande forest. Multiple planting scenarios for a quality botanical visit!

Others along the Sensorial Walks "Wake up your feet" and "Awaken your Senses":

Leave your shoes in the cloakroom and take off for a 1km barefoot walk over 45 different materials! Laughter guaranteed! Will you dare wade through the mud? Test your reaction to vertigo on crossing the passageway « File là Haut » ©Parcabout, barefoot at 4 to 6 meters high!

What about the blindfold walk "Awaken your Senses" walk, will you keep your usual confidence along this trailway? Enter the enchanted forest of the Valley of No Return and surprise the witch who will be preparing her potion!

Together or individually in the art exhibitions:

This summer, visit the exhibition of the impressive sculptures of Guillaume Castel – « Kaiou Itou », from the 6th of July to the 31st of August.

A poetic landscape sculptor, Guillaume Castel takes his inspiration from Brittany to create his monumental sculptures; they integrate perfectly into the spaces that they inhabit. From land to sea, nature to cities, this artist from Morlaix offers us a stroll through his surprising works of art which will inspire all of our visitors.

Everybody will enjoy the botanical collections and their flowering seasons:

  • April: Camellias, Lilacs, Tulips, Daffodils, Heathers...
  • May: Irises, Azaleas, Rhododendrons...
  • June: Roses, Peonies, Flowering Cherries...
  • July: Hydrangeas, Geraniums, Lavenders...
  • August: Dahlias, Summer flowers, Fuchsias, Plums...
  • September: Asters, Dahlias, Viburnums, Apples...
  • October: Autumnal colours, multi-coloured barks...

For a get-together and an enriching experience, we offer (on reservation):

  • Guided Tours (on-foot or in the train) : 1 1/4 hours to learn the history of the gardens, the legends of Broceliande and to admire the botanical collections and our remarkable plants and trees (Giant Sequoia, Handkerchief Tree ...)
  • Train rides : 45 minutes for a trip through the 24 hectares of the park - you'll see hidden spots and be able to contemplate magnificent views (programmed halts at The Pyramid, The French Iris Observatory, the Asiatic gardens...).


  • Special tariffs for groups of 10 and over
  • Picnic in the gardens and snacks on-site Sundays and Bank Holidays and every day during July and August by « Les Galettes de Bubu » (pancakes and crepes)
  • Lunch in the Pommert Restaurant (week days and by reservation only)
  • Afternoon Tea by reservation
  • Ask for our games : palets, cards ...
  • Room Hire for your longer reunions
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