Enjoy 24 hectares of nature and have a fun time !

Get closer to nature : cover your eyes and walk slowly along the surprising "Awaken your senses" pathway. Take off your shoes and walk bare-footed over the pebbles or through mud along the "Wake up your feet" pathway. Look out, 2014 has plenty of new surprises in store !

Discover your Breton inner-self :

A game of riddles with your feet; try to recognize the typical materials of Brittany. When the game is over post your passport (image); you might win prizes or free entry tickets!

Deckchair time!

A book, a deckchair, the Mediterranean sun, test the art of Breton sunbathing! Why not play a game of palets or petanque...

Discover cookery with wild plants:

  • Herbs for meals with friends... mint and its qualities, fennel, basil...
  • Medicinal plants : plants of a thousand properties which make life easier and heal illnesses - tiredness, headaches, asthma...

Learn how to use these plants from the Witch's book of spells or in the cottage garden.

A cultural and festive site

  • Exhibition of the sculptures of Guillaume Castel “Kaïou Itou” from the 6th of July to the 31st of August. A poetic landscape sculptor, Guillaume Castel takes his inspiration from the Breton landscape in the creation of his monumental sculptures; they integrate perfectly into the spaces that they inhabit. From land to sea, nature to cities, this artist from Morlaix offers us a stroll through his surprising works of art which will inspire all of our visitors.
    The Inauguration of the exhibition is on Sunday the 6th of July in the presence of the artist.
  • New! “Take out your curlers” festival (1st edition): every Sunday and Bank Holiday during July and August. Attend our shows for all ages at 4pm: circus, street theatre, fanfares, concerts; the gardens will be alive to the sound and sight of living arts!
    On the programme: La fanfare Breizhoucada, Cie Bulles de Rêves, Cie Aquacoustique, Atelier Lefeuvre et André, Cie l’Art Déraille, les Etablissements Gloups, Cie les Troubaquoi, les Frappovitch !
  • New : Broceliande Gardens will be participating in the « Les Coquecigrues » festival on Sunday the 30th of March; discover 3 different shows for children and adults!
  • Each year the "Festival du Grand Soufflet" comes to Broceliande Gardens on Sunday the 5th of October. Discover the accordion and its musical voyages!
  • See the events calendar for more dates (fr)
"Entre serre et jardin" "les Etablissements Gloups" "Les Frappovicth"

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