Games Areas

A real breath of fresh air for children :

Spin, slide, splash, swing - a games area where everything and anything is allowed!

The large selection of games includes Archimedes screw, wheel and mill-wheel, a spring, a plant-maze, distorting mirrors, swings, slides, a paving-slab labyrinth - your children will quickly become experienced sensorial explorers!
From July onwards a giant game of hide and seek takes place in the meadow maze...

A magic tree has grown in Broceliande Gardens ... Eyes spraying water have sprung out of the ground and giant flowers have started speaking!

Created in 2012 : Goblin Trail

A trail reserved for the world of gnomes, hobgoblins, elves and ... children ! Can you find the door that leads into the goblins' village? What tricks will they have in store for you? Will you manage to escape from the wild journey planned for you by the goblins living in Broceliande Gardens?

For parents :

Relax in deckchairs on the beach; take in the Breton sunshine whilst keeping an eye on the kids

For family and friends :

Try out the "pedestrian passport" - a new game of riddles to help you discover Breton characteristics with your feet!
Free entries and other prizes can be won.

Animals in the gardens

Because diversity is a source of wealth, different breeds of domestic animals, including endangered species, have taken up residence in our gardens

Created in 2013 : The Hen House

Visit the hen house where the chickens live in houses from the 50’s to the 70’s, go to the hairdresser, the doctors and have created their very own hen orchestra! Can you believe it?

Coucou de Rennes, Silky, Orpington and Gournay hens; some of the breeds present at the Gardens who are mistresses in their own homes!

You can stroke the goats and get closer to the pigs, sheep and rabbits
Don't forget to say hello to Pompon, the Broceliande Gardens' pony!

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