Lovers and dreamers : lose yourselves in our 24 hectares and halt the progress of time...

In these gardens where flower buds open in the freshness of morning dew, observe nature and relax a moment in these surroundings perfect for lovers!

Different colours at each season will keep you dreaming...

  • From purple to white in April in the Collection of 400 Lilacs
  • Paint box mixes during May in the Collection of 1000 Irises
  • Passionate shades in the 250 varieties of Roses during June
  • A supply of sunshine in the 280 varieties of Dahlias during the summer
  • Don't forget the Autumnal colours throughout the arboretum

Stroll along the curves and pathways, travel through the Asiatic gardens, take time to discover the verdure of our English gardens - calm down and contemplate these gardens dedicated to biodiversity!

In the shade of a rock, pick the Daisy's petals : "He loves me, he loves me not ..."

Leave a message in one of our wind carriers and make your most romantic dream come true.

Listen to the rustle of leaves, feel the caress of the wind and maybe you'll glimpse the little people and gnomes in the forest.

Listen to fairy tales told by the good garden fairy

Don't become so relaxed that you forget to have fun on the Sensorial Walkways "Wake up your Feet" and "Awaken your Senses"!

Extras :

  • For Wedding or other photographic occasions : 50€ a 1/2 day for a couple and their own photographer in the gardens.
  • Room-hire for your festive events
  • Events Calendar (fr)

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Each season you will discover different flowers and a changing landscape at the Broceliande Gardens

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